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George Bullet was a Highway Police Chief. He had dark hair and a receding hairline. A widower, George lived with his adult son Cal Bullet.

George discovered that his son was developing a poison gas for the Nazi spy Pruneface in a hidden laboratory inside a decrepit barn. As a loyal patriot, George was appalled. Cal fatally gassed his own father, who had enough strength to try to crawl away.

When Dick Tracy, Junior Tracy, and Frizzletop came to spend the night in the same barn, Junior's ankle was grabbed by the dying Bullet. Tracy, Junior, and Frizzletop managed to get Bullet out of the barn, but he succumbed to the poison gas and died. This led to Tracy's investigation of Pruneface.


  • At the time of his death, Bullet's wife had been deceased for 20 years, and Bullet had been Chief of the Highway Police for 8 years.
  • Bullet was barely alive when he was shown grabbing Junior's leg. He therefore would not qualify in the category "Corpses".