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The man known as Gaunt (full name unrevealed) was a criminal associate of Bernard Breakdown. He was a thin man and usually wore a cap.

Kidnapping Diet Smith[]

Gaunt participated in the kidnapping and ransom of Diet Smith, along with Paunch. Gaunt shot Smith's bodyguards with tranquilizer darts and forced Smith at gunpoint into a waiting car.

Gaunt often had to help calm Breakdown when he would succumb to one of his characteristic panic attacks. Gaunt made the ransom call to Smith Industries, and met Dick Tracy to collect the $1,000,000 in cash. Gaunt and Tracy were both surprised when the suitcase containing the money was snatched away by Willie Wheeler. Gaunt then abducted Tracy at gunpoint and took him to Breakdown's hideout.


Gaunt later collected the recovered ransom money from Smith Industries executive Mark Wright, not realizing that Willie Wheeler had grabbed onto his car's bumper and was leading the police to Breakdown's hideout. Back at the hideout, Tracy was able to get his hands free and employ a tear gas cuff link that FBI Agent Jim Trailer had provided. Tracy punched Gaunt in the face, but Gaunt recovered and attempted to escape with Paunch. As they exited the building, they were apprehended and arrested by the police.