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Garry Doll was the co-host of a popular rock & roll radio program on station WHUB, alongside Themesong. He was a heavyset man with light hair.

Garry especially enjoyed the comedy bits that he and Themesong performed, preferring them to playing music.

Defying Flipside Inc.[]

Garry and Themesong were approached by the Stereo Brothers, agents of Flipside. They proposed a payola scheme, offering the DJs money, cars, and drugs if they would play certain records. Garry and Themesong refused, and Garry took particular offense to the suggestion. He threatened the brothers with violence if they approached him again.

That night, Garry stayed late at the studio to record some promos. The Stereo Brothers returned, and made their offer again, suggesting that Garry could keep it a secret from Themesong. Garry again refused, and the brothers activated the "Black Sound" device, which induced a fatal heart attack in Garry.

Garry was found by Themesong the next day, and she enlisted Dick Tracy to help track down the killers. The Stereo Brothers were later killed while attempting to escape arrest.