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G.M Shoe (full name unrevealed) was a private detective in Dick Tracy's city. He was a heavyset man with a wide face. He had light hair and a high forehead. Shoe typically smoked cigars and wore a polka-dotted tie.

Tracking Dick Tracy[]

When Heartless Mahoney enacted her scheme to get revenge on Dick Tracy for the death of her sister Breathless, she attempted to make it look as through Tracy was having an extra-marital affair. Tess Tracy became suspicious of her husband and hired G.M. Shoe to follow him and report on his activities.

Shoe kept Dick under surveillance and took photos of Tracy meeting with Heartless (though Heartless was actually pretending to be a criminal informant so that she and Tracy could be seen together). Shoe reported back to Tess, and his assumption that Tess intended to begin divorce proceedings shocked her.


  • The name G.M. Shoe is derived from the term "gumshoe", a colloquial name for a private investigator.
  • There is no apparent connection between G.M. Shoe and Shoe, the titular character in the humorous comic strip created by Jeff MacNelly (though both characters are heavyset, world-weary, and smoke cigars).