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Funky Winkerbean

First Appearance:

March 27th, 1972 (in Funky Winkerbean)
January 20th, 2015 (in Dick Tracy)

Known Relatives:

Morton Winkerbean, Father
Cindy Summers, Ex-Wife
Holly Budd-Winkerbean, Wife
Cory, Stepson
Wally Winkerbean, Cousin
Wally Jr., Second cousin

Created By:

Tom Batiuk

Funky Winkerbean was the owner and manager of Montoni's Pizza, a restaurant in the town of Westview, Ohio. He was a heavyset man with brown hair (which is greying).

Funky Winkerbean met Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem when the two detectives visited Westview to observe the auction of a cache of valuable comic books that had been stolen by the Jumbler (and were later recovered).


  • Funky Winkerbean is the titular character of a long-running comic strip created by Tom Batiuk. The strip began as a high school comedy, and was later revamped into a serial with dramatic elements.
    • The Funky Winkerbean comic strip concluded at the end of 2023. Some characters from it have appeared in the comic strip Crankshaft, which was also created by Tom Batiuk and is set in the same community in Ohio.
  • "Funky" is apparently the character's actual name, not a nickname or an alias.
  • Artist Joe Staton provided artwork for the Funky Winkerbean comic strip, having drawn a cover for the fictional comic book "Starbuck Jones" that was featured in the strip.
  • Dick Tracy appeared in several Funky Winkerbean during the week of January 20th, 2015, drawn by that strip's creative team.

Dick Tracy appearing in Funky Winkerbean (1/20/2015).