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Fundo was a henchman of the Swami. He was a large man with dark hair and a short goatee beard. He typically wore a turban and a vest with no shirt.

Fundo and the Swami discovered Sam Catchem, who was investigating thefts that the Swami was suspected of having committed. Fundo knocked Sam unconscious and tied him to a chair connected to a time bomb.

The Swami and Fundo prepared to flee, but Dick Tracy had tracked down their location and he confronted them. The Swami was desperate to leave the building before the bomb went off and he tried to pull a gun on Tracy in order to escape. Tracy shot (and presumably killed) the Swami, then freed Sam and took Fundo into custody.


  • The Swami is a character created for the 1950s Dick Tracy TV series. He was played by Harry Raven.