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Special Agent Fritz Ann Dietrich was an FBI Agent who was active in battling organized crime in an interstate capacity.

Fritz Ann had short brown hair that she typically wore with bangs. She had large eyes, a straight nose and a wide mouth. She occasionally wore eyeglasses.

Fritz Ann had an informal manner, preferring to be addressed by her first name, rather than as "Agent Dietrich".

Fritz Ann expressed an attraction to Sam Catchem, and engaged in playful flirtation with him. This often made Sam (who was happily married) uncomfortable and he tried to avoid her company when possible.

Meeting Dick Tracy[]

Fritz Ann first encountered Dick Tracy and the Major Crimes Unit when she tracked the bank robber known as Blackjack to Dick Tracy's city. She provided background information on the criminal that helped establish a profile for him. After Blackjack's capture, Fritz Ann returned to her office in a different city, but promised to return.

Fritz Ann later participated in the raid on the second Mr. Crime's headquarters, as several members of Mr. Crime's gang were wanted on federal charges. She joined the combined forces of the MCU and the Tracy Agency. She protected Sam after he was injured by Doubleup. After the siege, Fritz Ann discovered the remains of Lt. Teevo and Panda. She later provided additional information about murders that the fugitive Abner Kadaver was suspected to have committed.


Fritz Ann has since aided Dick Tracy and the MCU in other cases involving organized crime. She participated in the search for the body of Jimmy Choo Shooz and the attempt to recover the gold that he had stolen from the Billion Dollar Limited.

Fritz Ann was present at the raid on Mr. Bigg's headquarters. She was injured when she pushed Sam Catchem out of the path of a bullet, which struck her instead. She was treated by EMTs. Later, she and Sam reconciled, acknowledging that there could not be any romantic involvement between them.

Some time later, Fritz Ann was involved in the raid on the Stooge Viller warehouse where Coney was suspected of holding the kidnapped Guy Wyre. Tracy introduced her to Dethany Dendrobia as "a department head of the FBI". Fritz Ann later arrived in the city to return Charlie 21 to protective custody. Some time after that, she was seen taking the Apparatus agent Briar Rose into protective custody as well. She later provided Tracy with information about Art Dekko's known associates.


  • Some readers had difficulty telling Fritz Ann apart from Lizz. Apparently, this partially inspired the change in Lizz's character model to feature longer hair.
  • Fritz Ann is one of several FBI Agents who have had multiple interactions with Dick Tracy. Others include Jim Trailer and Agent Kelley.
  • In 2015, Fritz Ann mentioned that Agent Trailer had been promoted, meaning that she would likely be engaging in the type of field work that he previously had.