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Frieda Smith was the daughter of the landlord of Professor Roloc Bard after Bard was freed from his captivity at the hands of Black Pearl. Frieda was an attractive young woman with dark hair, and Bard developed an attraction to her.

When Frieda came to visit the professor one night with tea and cookies, she asked the Professor about his latest experiment. He told her it was a weapon for the Allied cause called Xylon (root word meaning "wood", just as the root word for "Frieda" meant "peace"). After hearing of its destructive power to destroy 10 city blocks, she was quick to state her disappointment and shame to the Professor, which depressed him.

Frieda was next seen after Pruneface retrieved the Professor after Flattop kidnapped him. She was being held hostage in order to motivate the Professor to build Pruneface his own cache of Xylon Torpedoes, showing that he would use force on her if he didn't cooperate. Frieda was freed when Bard complied.

40 years later in 1986, after Wendy Wichel told Dick Tracy that the Xylon Affair had been declassified, she also revealed that Frieda Smith was suspected by the FBI of Espionage, which Jim Trailer confirmed. Now a spinster, sleeper agent Frieda Smith was apprehended before she could kill Tracy with her hidden gun. The last remaining Xylon Bomb that she had hidden in her basement under Pruneface's orders was defused.

Frieda was later placed in Federal custody, revealing that she had spent years waiting for Pruneface to contact her. She expressed how much of a burden the whole affair had been to her and her regret that she had never married. That night after she was arrested, a phone call was placed to her empty house, with a recently reanimated Pruneface on the other end, intending to tell her to set off the bomb.