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Franklin Strong was a media mogul with political ambitions. He had dark hair with grey temples and a dark moustache. He typically wore eyeglasses.

Strong owned a large radio and television production facility in Dick Tracy's city.

From a young age, Franklin Strong had aspired to greatness. He amassed a personal fortune through business dealings and marrying a wealthy woman. However, it was indicated that Strong had engaged in unethical business practices. When Strong was approached by a major political party as a potential candidate for President of the United States, Strong's questionable past was brought to light by his business rival Diet Smith. Strong's political ambitions were ended and he re-dedicated himself to his media empire.

Strong was present in the theater on the night that the deranged actor Putty Puss impersonated actor Barry Moore in a production of the play Sleuth. Putty Puss disrupted the performance and Strong left along with the rest of the audience.

Strong was then approached by Putty Puss at his office. Putty Puss wanted Strong to put him in movies and television shows, and he claimed to have evidence that Strong had been responsible for the death of his wealthy wife.

Strong agreed to Putty Puss' demands on the condition that Putty Puss would help to publicly discredit Diet Smith, who had recently announced his own campaign for President. Strong arranged for Putty Puss to abduct Diet Smith and replace him at a press conference, where Putty Puss (as Smith) made inflammatory impolitic remarks.

Putty Puss' ruse was discovered and he was taken into police custody. He offered to reveal who had been behind the impersonation plot in exchange for immunity. Franklin Strong's fate is unknown.


  • Putty Puss was next seen in an insane asylum, so he apparently did not receive immunity. It is unclear if he informed the police of Strong's role in the abduction and impersonation of Diet Smith, or of Strong's role in the death of his wife.
  • There was no established relationship between Franklin Strong and the Strong brothers, but a connection is not unlikely given Franklin's known "unethical" business practices.