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Frank Howell was an accomplice of Clair Howell. The nature of their relationship was not clearly established.

Frank and Clair attempted to kill Detective Frisk in order to prevent Frisk from finding evidence of their unscrupulous dealings. When their efforts failed, the Howells attempted to flee the city in a car. They were intercepted by Dick Tracy and Frisk. The Howells' car was damaged and it crashed into a body of water (Nov. 11th, 2019). They are presumed to have drowned.


  • Det. Frisk referred to Clair and her accomplice as "the Howells", so presumably Frank and Clair were related either by blood or marriage.
  • In his first appearance, Frank was addressed as "Jimmy". After that, he was consistently identified by the name Frank.
  • Frank and Clair's bodies were not shown in the strip. A police diver made a gesture to Dick Tracy that seemed to indicate that they had found the Howells inside their submerged vehicle, but the artwork and dialogue is ambiguous enough that the Howells would currently qualify as "Presumed Deceased".