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Fortuna Dyer was an award-winning actress. She was cast in the role of Breathless Mahoney for the feature film Left Breathless, which was partially shot in Dick Tracy's city.

Fortuna bore a strong physical resemblance to Breathless, though it was not clear how much of that was achieved by wigs, make-up, hair dye, etc. Fortuna was committed to the role, and insisted on being addressed as "Breathless" during production, including when she was away from the set. She was also eager to meet Dick Tracy.

Tracy met with Dyer and they briefly discussed Breathless' experiences with Tracy and B.O. Plenty. Tracy advised Dyer not to contact B.O. or disrupt his life in any way. Dyer then arranged to bail Shaky out of jail, believing that he could help her better understand Breathless.

Dyer met with Shaky several times, both on-set and at other locations. She offered him a position as a "consultant" on the film, as well as the chance to appear in it in a cameo role. Shaky became annoyed when he received no money for his "services" and he struck Fortuna. Fortuna reported this to the police, who arrived on set to arrest Shaky.


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  • The Fortuna Dyer storyline contains some artwork that was altered to remove potentially disturbing imagery. Some strips from mid- to late-June 2020 showed Fortuna with an obvious black eye (the result of being hit by Shaky). Some newspapers and online services published an altered version in which the injury was less obvious.