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Fluffy was a small, dark-haired dog owned by Mrs. Peek. He was light enough that he could sit on her shoulders.

Fluffy's breed was not stated, but he appears to have been a chihuahua, or possibly a small terrier.

Befriending a Fugitive[]

Fluffy was first seen when the fugitive Uncle Punky came to hide at Mrs. Peek's apartment. Fluffy was initially hostile to Punky, but later became fond of the man after Punky gave him liquor.

Fluffy before more affectionate towards Uncle Punky and began to dislike Mrs. Peek, which caused her distress. One day when Punky decided to take Fluffy for walk, Mrs. Peek followed them planning to accuse Punky of a crime and get him arrested.

The Ice Floe[]


Fluffy chased a bird out onto a lake that was partially frozen and became stranded on a piece of ice. Punky followed and fell into the freezing water. Mrs. Peek witnessed this, and tried to drown Punky by forcing him underwater with a long tree branch. Punky grabbed the branch and pulled Mrs. Peek into the water, drowning her. Punky then fled.

Fluffy was rescued when some passing children saw him on the ice and called for help. Mrs. Peek's body was found shortly thereafter. Fluffy's fate is unknown.