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The woman called Fluff was an associate of the criminal called The Mole. She was an shapely woman with red hair.

Fluff worked as a waitress in the restaurant that the Mole operated as a cover for his illegal activities. Fluff was a willing accomplice to the Mole, and she attempted to influence him with her feminine charms. Mole enjoyed Fluff's affections, but he remained suspicious of her.

When the Mole became aware that the police were gathering evidence against him, he planned to leave the city. Fluff discovered that Mole intended to abandon her and she tried to attack him with a letter opener. Mole shot and killed Fluff, and he was arrested shortly thereafter.


  • Fluff is a character created for the 1950s Dick Tracy live-action television series. She was played by Lois Collier.
  • Lois Collier later co-starred on the TV detective series Boston Blackie.