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Flossie (one-time surname Bondy) was the mother of the mute girl known as “Spec”. It is unclear if she was ever married to Spec’s father. She eventually married the small-time criminal “Jumper” Bondy, who became Spec’s step-father. Some time after that, she grew tired of Bondy and conspired with the successful counterfeiter Ivy to kill her husband and frame her daughter for the crime.

The Ivy Plot[]

Ivy was able to shoot Bondy in the head by lying in wait for him at their apartment. Ivy crouched behind Spec, holding a gun in her hands, and when Bondy entered the room, Ivy fired. Ivy then fled the scene. This made it appear that Spec had shot her step-father, though the police (and Dick Tracy) found this difficult to believe.

Following the shooting of Bondy, Ivy and Flossie were married by a Justice of the Peace. Ivy then took Flossie to his stables and soon showed her his underground counterfeiting operation. Flossie seemed thrilled to be free of her husband and daughter, and was prepared to enjoy the lavish lifestyle that Ivy promised her.

Deadly Honeymoon[]

As they were flying off for their honeymoon, Flossie saw a newspaper story about Spec, and began to feel regrets. While dining at the Cliffside Restaurant, Ivy urged Flossie to put Spec out of her mind. Appalled at his callousness and ashamed of what she had done, Flossie pushed Ivy over the restaurant’s cliffside railing into the shark-infested waters below.

Believing Ivy to be dead, Flossie returned to the city. She told the police that Ivy had coerced her into the plot to murder Bondy, and she was reunited with Spec. She told the police what she knew about Ivy’s counterfeiting operation, and Tracy and his squad went to investigate.

Unbeknownst to Flossie, Ivy had survived and was seeking revenge. He tracked her to the police station where she and Spec were in protective custody. Ivy created a distraction outside the station, which lured the officers on duty outside. Ivy then sneaked into the police station and shot Flossie as Spec looked on. He then fled without harming Spec.

Flossie’s last act was to beg Ivy not to hurt her daughter. She died from the bullet wound.