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Florabelle Rinkles was an elderly woman who lived in Dick Tracy's city. She had light hair and a lined face. She lived with the boy called "Pockets", whom she identified as her grandson.

The Skull[]

When the skull of a gangster Diamond Tooth Rinkles (who had been found beheaded in 1962) was found, Dick Tracy and Lizz returned the skull to Rinkles' half-sister Florabelle. Florabelle was aware of her half-brother's criminal activities, and she revealed that he had abused and mistreated her when he was alive.

Florabelle took pleasure is disrespecting her brother's skull. She placed it on a stand with one of his wigs on it, then wrapped some his clothes around the stand's base while she taunted him for being dead.

The Guillotine[]

Tracy and Lizz continued to investigate the death of Diamond Tooth Rinkles, and they discovered records that indicated that Florabelle had purchased a guillotine at some time before Rinkles' disappearance. This made her a suspect in his death, and Lizz returned to Florabelle's home to investigate.

Lizz discovered the guillotine in Florabelle's basement. Florabelle was prepared to kill Lizz with it but was stopped by her grandson Pockets who knocked her unconscious. Florabelle came to her senses and agreed to help the police. Lizz agreed not to press charges.

The Revelations[]

At the site where the skull had been found, a left-handed meat cleaver was also discovered. Florabelle acknowledged to the police that the reason her half-brother had been killed was that he had guillotined Ponto Gillis, whose cousin - the knife thrower Keeno the Great - was the owner of the cleaver. Keeno stole the skull from Florabelle and tried to destroy it, but it was eventually found and returned to Florabelle.

Keeno was later shot and killed by Lizz when he tried to kill the policewoman. At the conclusion of the case, Florabelle revealed that Pockets was Diamond Tooth's son, making him her nephew rather than her grandson.