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The Fletcher-Collins Bank in a bank in Dick Tracy's city. It has been the target of at least one robbery.

A robbery at the Fletcher-Collins Bank took place early in Dick Tracy's career. the robbery was orchestrated by Flattop Jones Sr. and his brother Blowtop. When the police arrived, the Jones brothers fled, leaving their gang behind.

Tracy's bravery and determination during the incident at the bank attracted the attention of Chief Brandon and prompted Tracy's promotion to plainclothes.

Later, a Fletcher-Collins armored car would be targeted by Belle (in her guise as "Willa Scarlett") and the Black Piranha.


  • The name "Fletcher-Collins Bank" is a reference to the creative team of artist Rick Fletcher and writer Max Allan Collins, who took over production of the Dick Tracy comic strip after creator Chester Gould retired.
  • The bank's slogan "Good as Gould", is a play on the phrase "As Good as Gold", incorporating a reference to Chester Gould.
  • The Fletcher-Collins Bank was not identified as a target of the "ethical" bank robber Blackjack, implying that the Fletcher-Collins was not involved in any illicit or unsavory lending or foreclosure practices.