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Flakey Biscuits was a popular TV cook/baker, with many fans including Sam Catchem and Gravel Gertie. She was an older woman with grey hair and a double chin.

Famous and Criminal[]

Flakey Biscuits' TV show also served as a cover for a drug smuggling ring, with the drugs being moved in the TV show's branded flour sacks.

When Gravel Gertie gave birth to her second child, Attitude Plenty, Flakey decided to send the Plentys 4 large bags of flour as a publicity stunt. The Plentys were accidentally shipped four bags of heroin instead of flour. Biscuits' assistant, Hot Rize, was given the task of recovering the drugs.

Junior Tracy, while visiting the Plentys, discovered the drugs, and Dick Tracy tracked them back to a warehouse owned by Biscuits.

During a shootout with Hot Rize, a hopper of flour mysteriously opened and Hot was crushed/suffocated by the grain. With Rize's death, most of the incriminating evidence against Biscuits was lost.

Biscuits, who had remotely opened the hopper, turned state's evidence against the rest of the smugglers, and was placed into the Witness Protection program.

Found by Blaze Rize[]

She became the host of a cooking show in Madison, Wisconsin, using the alias Ms. Beignet.

Flakey was later found by Hot Rize's sister Blaze Rize, who sought revenge. Blaze shot Flakey, then fled, believing she had killed Flakey. Tracy later told Blaze that Blaze's gunshot only grazed Flakey's arm, but the shock of the assault induced a fatal heart attack.



Flakey Biscuits, in disguise

  • Flakey Biscuits' appearance and demeanor was apparently inspired by the television cooking show host and author Paula Deen.
  • Allowing Flakey Biscuits to host another television show, even in a disguise, would seem to be contrary to the goals of the Witness Protection program.
  • The strip did not depict Blaze Rize killing Flakey Biscuits on panel, or her body afterwards. Her death has been assumed based on Blaze's motivations and Tracy's later comments. However, if Flakey Biscuits was dead, then Blaze Rize would be legally culpable for her death, regardless of whether or not Rize's bullet had killed her. Therefore, it is possible that Biscuits is still alive and in protective custody, and that Tracy mis-led Blaze Rize so that she would cooperate with police and not seek revenge against Flakey Biscuits again.