One of the appeals of the Dick Tracy comic strip is its unique gallery of villains. Often marked by grotesque deformities, they stood in contrast with the attractiveness of the Gould created heroes. They reflected a world of "black and white" morality that was a mark of series morality.

Below is a listing of the major villains with their creator and the year/date of their first appearance in the comic strip.

This is a work in process that will continue to be updated. Any corrections or contributions of information for the table are welcome.


Villain First Appeared Creator History
2 Fingers 1969 Gould  
3-D Magee 1953 Gould

3-D and his girlfriend Pony attempt to blackmail the Plenty's Uncle Canhead. They torture Little Wingy and Sparkle, and threaten Canhead with a bomb. Tracy arrives and disarms the bomb, but the duo escape after killing an innocent bystander. Chick Smithly, sister of the killed bystander, aids Tracy in finding the escaped duo. When 3-D tries to escape out a window, Pony attempts to kill him so they can "die together". They are captured by Tracy.

52 Gang, The 1962 Gould  
88 Keyes 1943 Gould

Piano player and secret head of murder gang for hire; killed his own gang member "Jenny the Girl Singer" when she found out he was going to double cross her; eloped with Mrs. A.B. Helmet and killed her for insurance money. Killed accomplice "Red Bluff"; discovery of Bluff's body by police led to Keys' own death in a railroad shed in a gun battle with Dick Tracy.


Alec Penn 1932 Gould Forger who has been selling bonds from John Waldorf. When questioned by Tracy, he hires several men to kill him. Tracy chases them to a private zoo where they and Penn are captured. Professor Groff examines Penn and finds a metal plate in his head, Penn is identified as international swindler Count Gordon. Penn almost gets away when he fakes suicide but Tracy manages to capture him before he escapes police headquarters.
Al Kinda 2006 Locher First tried to swindle the Plentys out of their winnings by kidnapping them (they get away) and then tries to blow up U.S. Capitol building until shot and killed by Lottie Latte.
Angeltop Jones 1978 Collins Angeltop was Flattop's daughter. She sought revenge against Tracy and his freinds with the aid of the Brow's Son. She later joined forces with Quiver Trembly and Prunella.
Apparatus, The 1969 Gould The Apparatus was a large criminal organization. They were involved in many illegal, activites including theft and murder. Big Boy had been a high-ranking member of the organization, but lost influence when he grew old and developed different priorities.
Art Dekko 1980 Collins An art forger and high-class thief. Dekko often worked with the criminal organizattion known as the Apparatus. He tried to sell forgeries to inventor Diet Smith. When captured by Tracy, Dekko attempted to shift blame to his partner Sue Reel by turning state's evidence against her.
Arthur "Nip" Dolton 1937 Gould Slot Machine Crime Lord killed by the Blank and found by Tracy in trunk of his own car after train wreck. Member of Redrum Gang.
Athnel Jones 1936 Gould Upset over the theft of one of his ideas, Athnel Jones kills his boss Addie Gothorn with a ice bullet Teamed with Jim Trailer of the FBI, Tracy and Junior find the refrigeration unit for his bullets. Athnel surprises them in the room, but Tracy holds him at bay until his ice bullet melts. He is taken prisoner and his gun kept by Trailer.
Aunt Soso 1961 Gould Twin sister of Burpie Upp, she sought to kill Little Boy Beard as revenge for her sister's death.
Autumn Hews 1947 Gould Worked with Coffyhead to discredit Tracy Jr and his Crimestoppers. Captured when she tries to hid in a doghouse only to be attacked by the dog. She tries to burn down the doghouse and is captured with the police and firemen arrive to put out the fire.


Baldy Stark 1936 Gould Member of the Purple Cross gang who attempted to reform. Ambushed by the gang's boss, Baldy managed to kill the boss when he accidently opened the refrigerater door, exposing himself in the dark. Arrested and given a captial setence, Tracy testfied on Baldy's behalf and got the sentence reduced to 20 years in prison.
B-B Eyes 1942 Gould

Tire bootlegger, kidnapper, and head of car and truck thieves who killed Patrolman O'Malley and tried to kill Dick Tracy and Pat Patton; trying to escape from the police, he was believed drowned in a garbage scow and ended up on the bottom of a bay trapped in an old tire. However, it was later revealed that he escaped from the bay and returned to a life of crime. His trademark is unusually small eyes, which look like B.B. pellets. Brother of B.D. Eyes and Jacques

B.D. Eyes 1983 Collins Brother of B-B Eyes and Jacques. Teamed up with Itchy Oliver's kid brother Twitchy in order to scare Stephanie Queen, horror author, out of the same house in which Itchy met his fate, for they coveted $100,000 which their older brothers hid in the house years earlier.
Barb Els 2009 Locher A circus strongwoman with a shady past, Els is being blackmailed by Ringo the circus owner. She conspires with Mr Pops the clown to take over the circus, and shots and kills performer Louise Trapeze during a show with Tracy in attendance. She is capture along with Mr Pops.
Beardsly 1948 Gould When jewel smuggler Shoulders is wounded try to escape from Tracy, he goes to his fence Beardsly seeking help. Beardsly takes the long route to the doctor, waiting for Shoulders to pass out, so Beardsly can steal the gems. When Shoulders does pass out, he drops the gun accidentally shooting Beardsly, killing him.
Belle 1932 Gould Broadway Bates gang moll. Accidentally shot her own gang member in a fight between Bates and Dick Tracy; later arrested.
Bernard Breakdown 1980 Collins Former employee of Diet Smith, Breakdown was fired because of his tendency to "break down" under pressure. Kidnapped Tracy and Smith and held them for ransom. Plans to bury them in a sealed room with only one weeks supplies and see if they can survive. Tracy takes him out with a tear gas cufflink when he has one of his break downs. Captured and sent to prison.
Big Ace 2006 Locher Leader of the Casino scam and boss of One-Eyed Jack. Dick Tracy stops him by pretending to be another Casino swindler and concealing an ace of spades in his sleeve to beat him at a double-or-nothing gamble. His disfigurement is the fact that his nose is shaped like the spades symbol.
Big Boy 1931 Gould

The kingpin of crime in Tracy's town, head of The Outfit, the local branch of the Apparatus (the national crime syndicate), Boss of Bosses on the national commission of the Apparatus, and Tracy's personal "Moriarty."  The Big Boy was the impetus behind Tracy's becoming a detective. When thugs in Big Boy's employ robbed the Trueheart's deli, and abducted Tess, Tracy was offered a position in the Detective Bureau of the City Police. Going undercover, Tracy rescued Tess, then made the apprehension of the Big Boy his personal crusade. The two would cross path many times in the immediate aftermath of that first conflict, ulitmately resulting in the Big Boy's arrest, conviction, and imprisonment.  Years later, during their final conflict, a dying Big Boy, finally out of prison, vowed vengeance on Tracy, and put out an open contract on the detective.  Foiling that plot, Tracy and Sam were seeking to arrest him, only to have Big Boy die of a heart attack in his bed.

Big Brass 1974 Gould Conman/swindler seller of Brass "Health Rings"; kidnapper/murderer-killed by Dick Tracy.
Big Brother 1984 Collins  
Big Charley 1976 Gould  
Big Frost 1948 Gould Big Frost was a racketeer who wanted to get rid of the Teleguard cameras created by the young scientist Brillant. After conning his way past Police Chief Brandon, Frost murders Brillant. He is captured by Tracy when he tries to retrieve a car in which Tracy has installed a camera. Chief Brandon resigns from the force over guilt from the death of Brillant.
Big Grouper 1998 Locher  
Black Pearl Erad 1940 Gould Government weapon blueprint thief, Black Pearl tries to kill Tracy and Patton. The duo manage to transmit a morse code message through a water pipe and bring a police rescue. Pearl is captured by FBI agent Jim Trailer
Blackjack 2012 Staton/Curtis A bank robber who takes the guise of a 1930s-stlye mobster. He is motivated not by a lust for money but a fanatical devotion to Dick Tracy and his wish to join his rogues gallery.
Blank, The 1937 Gould When the remnants of Supeena gang go to kill Junior for implicating a couple of their cohorts, they find themselves stopped by the Blank. The Blank saves Junior and asphyxiates the two in his place. The Blank is really Frank Redrum and is slowly eliminating the rest of his old gang that who had turned him down years before feeling he wsnt good enough for them. He tries to kill Stud Bronzen (the last member) and Tracy in a decompression diving tank. Patton gets the drop on the Blank, saves Tracy and Bronzen. Bronzen gets away, but the Blank is captured and unmasked-his face disfigured after escaping from the State Prison in 1927.
Blaze Rize 2012 Staton/Curtis Worked for Mr Crime in exchange for the information on where Flakey Biscuits, who killed her sister Hot Rize, was hiding. Following her murder of Biscuits, she was asked to go to dinner with a shy comic book fan named Davey Mylar, who was really Mr Crime. When Davey was shot during a raid on Mr Crime's hideout, he asked Blaze to conceal his identify so that his mother will never find out he was a criminal. Blaze lied to his mother, telling her that Davey died as a hero working undercover, and gave her a case of money to take care of her.
Blowtop Jones 1950 Gould Brother of Flattop, who tried to kill Dick Tracy by blowing up Tracy's house as an act of revenge for the death his brother; also tried to kill Vitamin Flintheart; captured after being caught in a barbed wire fence.
Bolo 1976 Gould Manager of Singing star "Irma" of the group "The Gallstones" who gets rich by secretly running off counterfeit copies of songs of singers he manages
Bony 1979 Collins Aspiring punk rocker, Bony robbed stores and gas stations to buy recording equipment. When chased by Tracy, Bony and his girlfriend Claudine tried to kidnap a very pregnant Tess Tracy and actor/friend Vitamin Flintheart. When Tess went into labor, Claudine aided her while Flintheart subdued Bony with a rock.
Bookie Joe 1935 Gould Bookie Joe ran a gambling syndicate. When shot by a client trying to rob him, girl friend Toby Townley takes him to the hospital. Joe and his henchman Blake kill the client and kidnap Tess Tracy. They hole up in an old barn. Toby attempts to negotiate for Tess' release. Blake accidently starts a fire and Joe is hung by a horse harness in the confusion. Captured by Tracy, Blake uses a hidden pen gun to shot an officer and frame Toby. Tracy proves she is innocence and Blake goes to jail.
Boris Arson 1934 Gould

Boris attempt to conduct multiple robberies by rigging six different government safes to explode at the same time. Tipped by Mary Steele, his maid, Tracy was deputized to capture Arson. Instead Tracy and his partner Pat were captured and placed aboard Arson's getaway plane. Dressed as a gang member, Cheif Brandon free Tracy and Arson and gang were taken prison. Arson and his sister Zora would cross paths several more times with Tracy.

Boss Jim Herrod 1933 Gould Boss Herrod was a retired politician, friend of the mayor's, and head of the auto theft and bombing protection rackets of the city. When Tracy captures the heads of these two rings, Tracy suspects that Herrod is their leader. So he borrows Herrod's files for a night and gets the proof he needs. The next day, when Tracy goes to arrest him, it results in a gunfight in city hall which wounds the mayor and leaves Herrod dead.
Braces 2008 Locher Braces-wearing thug with a woman accomplice and a robot tried to steal industrial secrets; electrocuted by own robot after robot wiring caught in his braces.
Brain 1974 Gould Eccentric gang leader who plays an ocarina and wears a hat whose top is made to resemble a human brain! While trying to escape Tracy and Catchem, Brain and his gang drove into a train tunnel and were killed when they crashed into a freight train January 26, 1975
Breathless Mahoney 1945 Gould Stepdaughter of Shaky who finds his body and after inquest steals his strong-box keys; takes $50,000 hidden in strong box and on the run after killing a gardener-who found her cache of money-meets B.O.Plenty. Captured by Dick Tracy she poisons Tracy and Plenty and is again on the run after she kills her landlady who was going to the police. Accidentally meets with B.O. Plenty who nearly succeeds in strangling her and takes the money from her. Later she dies in a prison hospital.
Brier Volts 1948 Gould Nephew of the criminal Mrs. Volts, Brier was inadvertently responsible for her death. He later fled and ran afoul of Acres O'Riley.
Broadway Bates 1932 Gould

After a plan by Broadway Bates and his moll Belle to con an employee named Heinie into stealing money from Mrs. Trueheart fails, Bates kidnaps Tracy and holds him for ransom. Heinie frees Tracy, who captures Bates, Belle and his gang.

Bud Jenkins 1943 Gould 10 year old pickpocket and blackmailer of Flattop Jones, drowned in park lagoon after falling through ice after buying expensive skates with Flattop's hush money. (Ironically this is same lagoon in which Flattop also drowns trying to escape Dick Tracy)
Brow, The 1944 Gould Sadistic German spy ring master who captured the "Summer Sisters" and tried to blackmail them into working for him by alternating torturing one sister and forcing the other sister to collect his spy reports. One sister shot both of his henchmen yet the Brow escaped; he later killed both sisters and a cab driver and ended up fleeing into the welcome arms of "Gravel Girty". Tracked down, beaten up in hand to hand combat by Tracy before being arrested, Brow was later involved in another fight with Tracy in which Brow fell through a window and is impaled on a flagpole. His trademarks are his prominent brow ridges and lack of ears. His son later worked with Angeltop Jones.
Brush, The 1962 Gould  
Button, The 1973 Gould  
Bugsy Bugoff 1984 Collins  
Bulky 1975 Gould  
Bundles Fillagree 2003 Kilian Heiress who murdered her husband by giving him a root beer spiked with horse tranquilizer. Tracy uncovers evidence that her lawyer JR Slick had bribed a lab technician to destroy evidence against Fillagree. The lawyer confesses to his affair with Fillagree and his role in helping her kill her husband. When Tracy and Lizz go to arrest her, she falls off her horse and is accidently inject with the same poison she used on her husband. She is left in a permenant vegetated state.
Burpie Upp 1960 Gould Former member of high society who forced her daughter Fresh to abandon her baby when the child was born with a beard. Later crossed paths with Spots.


Cal Bullet 1942 Gould After Tracy finds George Bullet dead from a mysterious gas, he goes to report the bad news to George's son Cal. Cal acts broken up but when he gets his hand on the only piece of paper evidence, he nonchalantly sets it on fire with his glasses. Tracy was the only one who manages to see this act and decides to shadow Cal. He soon learns that Cal communicates to a nazi agent in the states via a jukebox request girl. It is for this nazi agent that Cal is creating a special, deadly, chlorine gas. Tracy arrests the request girl and has Frizzletop take her place. She tells Cal that the foreign agent (code name Boche) wants to meet with him. From there, Tracy merely follows Cal to the hideout of Pruneface. Pruneface becomes angry at Cal's stupidity for leading the police to him, so he floods the house with the gas, killing Cal and almost killing Tracy who had become trapped in Pruneface's basement. Tracy is later saved and Pruneface manages to get away.
Chameleon 1970 Gould Thief and criminal who was skilled at altering his appearance quickly. Worked with Pouch.
Chameleon II  Kilian Recruited B.O. Plenty in a robbery scheme involving department store Santas.
Chief Climer 1982 Collins  
Chilly Hill 1975 Gould  
Chin Chilllar 1967 Gould An ally of Mr. Bribery, Chin Chillar and his wife helped Bribery recover his money from orbit, then killed him. After a Space Coupe chase, they hid at the famr owned by Piggy Butcher, who abused them. They later abducted Butcher, seeking revenge.
Chicory 1958 Gould Chicory and Dropper ran a business helping people escape from Cuba. They aided Miss Egghead in her escape from Cuba, and later with an attempt to escape to South America. Both die when a flash from Chicory's gun ignites gas fumes and explodes their plane.
Cinn Ozone 1955 Gould Former wife of millionaire George Ozone. Conspired with Mumbles and murdered her husband for his money. She was then murdered by Mumbles.
Clarke Van Dyke 1942 Gould Yollman's understudy, Clark Van Dyke kidnapped him and had him put into a hypnotic trance so he and Yollman's wife can continue their love affair and so he can make his stage debut. The plan goes awry, Yollman awakes from his trance and he kidnaps Van Dyke. He forces Van Dyke to act on the stage at gunpoint while he taunts him. In an accident, Van Dyke is stabbed, and thinking he's dead, Yollman flees to the country and poses as a drama teacher. When he's found out the Van Dyke is alive, he tries to commit suicide but survives, and later when he's in the hospital, the three forgive one another.
Clipso Brothers 1957 Gould  
Coffyhead 1947 Gould  
Computer Killer 1979 Collins When Zachary Z Rowe lost his job and his identity to a computer, he became unhinged, bought a mask and shotgun, and began a campaign of "murdering" computers. His daughter discovered his notes, enabling the police to predict his his next attack. A bank employee named Dwight Digit, who had been embazzling from the bank, picked the same moment to appear dressed as the Computer Killer, hoping to cover his crimes by destroying the computer. In the mayham that followed, Rowe was electrocuted by the computer.
Count Gordon 1932 Gould  
Crewy Lou Brown 1951 Gould  
Cut Famon 1935 Gould After being released from prison, Cut returned home to live with his brother Muscle and mother Maw. Cut put his right-hand man Bail Gordon in charge of his protection racket, but when Bail failed to meet Cut's expectations, he was beaten and taken off the job. Cut later duped Tracy into signing a promissory note that he would later put his name on as the party leasing the money, and use it to blackmail Tracy. Bail revealed himself though as FBI Agent Jim Trailer and arrested Cut and Muscle. Before Trailer could get them to headquarters, Cut triggered a secret alarm, and Maw came to rescue her boys. She arrived at the same time Tracy doid, resulting in a shootout that left Maw and Muscle dead. Cut got away and started to form a gang again. Tracy infiltrated the gang in disguise and informed Trailer and Patton on the gang's process. Along the way, Tracy ended up inadvertently injured and while he was unconscious, Cut and his gang discovered his disguise. They assaulted Tracy and planned to leave him for dead. On the way, they were stopped by Trailer, Patton and the police, resulting in a shootout. Cut and his man Kent survived and were handcuffed. Cut tricked Trailer into triggering the machine guns hidden in their car which mowed down several officers. Cut and Kent tried to get away, but they were shot to death.
Cutie Diamond 1935 Gould Boris and Zora Arson made their way to the hideout of Cutie Diamond in the Ozark Mountains. Heavily fortified, Cutie had been hiding out there for years. He even had a hideout in a cave guarded by two wildcats. It was this that he was showing the Arsons when Tracy, Patton and Yellowpony showed up. Unable to get past the wildcats, Tracy connected a hose to his car's exhaust and pumped it into the cave. Zora and Cutie came running out, guns blazing, but they were shot down.
Cy Chotic 2005 Kilian  


Dab Stract 1995 Locher  
Dade Plenty 1977 Collins  
Dan "The Squealer" Mucelli 1932 Gould After Kenneth Grebb is killed, Tracy finds documents implicating Dan Mucelli in involvement in a dope ring. Anxious to get the papers away from Tracy, Mucelli befriends Junior by giving him a job as a bread delivery boy. When Junior discovers that the bread contains dope, he tells Tracy, who confronts Mucelli. Mucelli throws the lights, Tracy is shot twice and Junior accused because he was found with a gun in his hand. Using ballistics, Tracy proves Junior's innocence. He then escapes from the hospital, catches Mucelli and uses ballistics again to show that Mucelli was the shooter.
Danny Supeena 1937 Gould Local socialite Johnny Mintsworth is being blackmailed by a man named "Collie" Vinsso, who supposedly had incriminating photos of him with a female. It becomes too much for Johnny, so he takes it to the police who prove it to be fake, and with that, Tracy cracks down on the Vinsso gang. Johnny, in the mean time, tries to break his girlfriend Marge Denton out of prison, only to end up being arrested. Johnny escapes and goes to Danny Supeena for help. Supeena uses Mintsworth for insurance scams, including one to where Mintsworth is to fake his own death. He backs out and is shot by Supeena for it. He survives only to find out that Supeena killed his mother. Tracy uses Johnny to set a trap for Supeena, but Supeena catches on and kills Mintsworth. Tracy captures Supeena with the use of a tracer bullet and Supeena later dies in the hospital.
Data, Memory Banks 1979 Collins See Dwight and Denise Digit
Deafy Sweetfellow 1940 Gould

Deafy runs a stolen bike ring and he has his man Johnny Naem trick Junior into opening up a bike parking lot. After it's open, Deafy's truck backs over all of the bikes, leaving Junior with the grief. Deafy comes to Junior with cheap new bikes, but Junior soon learns that they're stolen. Junior follows Deafy, but they try and run him down with their truck. Deafy and Johnny hide out at Mrs. Naem's until Tracy catches up to them. As he escapes, Deafy is sprayed by a skunk and it's the stench that gives him away when he tries to hide on a Christmas tree shipment. Deafy was arrested just before Christmas.

Deathless Mahoney 2002 Kilian "Ghost" of Breathless Mahoney, which was later revealed to be a hoax concocted by her sister Heartless designed to make Tracy believe he was losing his mind.
Dewdrop 1954 Gould  
Diamonds 1970 Gould Former cell mate of the wrongfully-convicted Groovy Grove, Diamonds attempted to bribe (and later threaten) Groovy into becoming a spy within the police department.
Doc 1938 Gould  
Doc Hump 1934 Gould Doc Hump was originally sent for by Larceny Lu to treat Steve the Tramp but was subdued and bound by Scotty Bumpstead who took his place. Lu recognized Scotty and captured him and gave him to Doc Hump. Doc Hump was about to experiment on Scotty when one of Lu's men unwittingly lit Scotty's cigar/smoke bomb, leading to the two men's arrests. Later Doc Hump was freed from jail and he went to his family mansion where he injected dogs with rabies and planned to kill Tracy with them. Doc went to test them on his butler, but Tracy showed up on time and rescued him. Doc Hump went to unleash another dog on Tracy, but when it sensed that Hump was the true enemy, it tore his throat out instead.
Doll Trohs 1988 Collins Daughter of Jerome Trohs and Mamma, she committed daring kidnappings, including the newborn Sparkle Plenty Tracy Jr. She was killed when he car exploded as she was attempting to escape.
Doubleup 2011 Staton/Curtis  
Dr. Beau Tox 2003 Kilian Unscupulous cosmetic surgeon who altered Dick Tracy's face. He employed Tracy's foes Prune Hilda and Heartless Mahoney as nurses.
Dr. Kryos Freezedrei 1983 Collins  
Dr. Plain 1950 Gould  
Duke 1941 Gould Duke was a carnival pickpocket and dip who stole Tess Trueheart's purse. When Duke came to Dick Tracy attention, he escaped to his girlfriend Sugar with which he devised a scheme where after robbing cafe cash registers he would then pass his gun and loot to Sugar so he wouldn't be caught with the cash. Tracy catches onto him when he finds Sugar near several stick and hold ups. Junior befriends Sugar and soon leads Tracy to their hideout. Tracy is captured when he gets there. Duke ties Tracy up and starts a sulfur fire in an attempt to asphyxiate him. Tracy manages to break a window though, and is saved by the fire dept. Duke "graduates" to armored car robbery and during the getaway, he runs into Steve's delivery truck, killing Sugar, and he tries to set a reformed Steve. A witness testifies on behalf on Steve though, and Duke is soon on the run. It's then that he decides to hide out in the lair of The Mole. Angered by the Moles taking all his cash, Duke attempts to steal from the Mole, is caught and strangled. After his body is found by Tracy, Tracy investigation leads to the capture of the Mole
Dwight and Denise Digit 1979 Collins As employees of Diet Smith's company, this brother/sister team embazzled over half a million dollars. They decide to cover their crimes by taking on the identity of Memory and Data Bank, getting a job in the bank with their records, and destroy the records. Dressed as the criminal Computer Killer, Dwight invades the bank only to encounter the real Computer Killer also invading that bank. The Computer Killer is electrocuted, and Dwight and his sister are captured by Tracy and Liz when he pretends to use Denise as a "hostage" to escape.
Dye & Oxen Cixot 1984 Collins  


E. Kent Hardly 1959 Gould  
Elsa Crystal 1957 Gould  
Empty Williams 1951 Gould  
Eraser 1991 Collins  
Eric Von Rhino 1964 Gould  


Fame 1990 Collins  
Fastlane 1991 Collins  
Father Jade 1964 Gould  
Feets Diamond 1994 Kilian  
Felice Fortune 1990 Collins  
Fencer 1974 Gould  
Fiendish Fred 2004 Kilian  
Flakey Biscuits 2011 Staton/Curtis TV cook/baker who smuggled drugs in flour sacks. When four of the bags are accidently shipped to the Plentys, Tracy tracks the drugs back to Biscuits. Buscuits murders her assitance, Hot Rize, by drowning her under flour, then turns states evidence against the smugglers. Later murdered by Blaze's sister Blaze Rize.
Flattop Jones, Sr 1943 Gould  
Flattop Jones, Jr . 1956 Gould  
Flipside 1987 Collins Record producer who was involved in payola and piracy. He briefly revived Sparkle Plenty's singing career.
Flyface 1959 Gould  
Frank Diamond 1986 Collins  
Freida Smith 1983 Collins  
Feuding Gunmen, The 2002 Kilian  


Gargles 1946 Gould  
General Mayhem 1996 Locher  
Governor 1977 Gould  
Greedilia 1995 Locher  
Grimly Reaper 2004 Kilian  


Habe Corpussle 1968 Gould  
Haf-and-Haf 1966 Gould  
Hairy 1975 Gould  
Hammerhead 1988 Collins  
Headache 1958 Gould  
Heartless Mahoney 1995 Kilian Breathless Mahoney, sought revenge against Dick Tracy and B.O. Plenty. Was obsessed with maintaining a youthful appearance.
Heels Beals 1948 Gould   who exploited Acres O'Riley's affection for him.
Heroin Herbert 1976 Gould  
Hi-Top Jones 1990 Collins  
Hy Jacky 1969 Gould  
Hypo 1947 Gould  


Ice Man 1998 Locher  
Influence 1946 Gould  
Irma 1945 Gould  
Itchy Oliver 1945 Gould  
Ivy 1956 Gould  


J. Kindly Goodheart 2004 Kilian Prominent citizen who secretly masterminded a string of sabotage at the local airport.
Jacques 1941 Gould Tracy is recruited by Bea Thorndike to help keep an eye on her niece Debbie. Tracy soon learns that Debbie is secretly married and that this man, Jacques, is blackmailing her to keep the marriage hidden. For his knowledge, Tracy is thrown into a pit and a boulder pushed down on top. Luckily the shaft is too narrow and before it can push its way through the clay, Tracy is saved by workers in the tunnel below. On the surface, Patton manages to capture Jacques and his gang. Jacques manages to escape and heads back to the Bird Club to kill Debbie. Tracy foresees this and shoots down Jacques first. Jacques brother, B.B. Eyes would come seeking revenge.
Jenny Saisquoi 1996 Locher  
Jerome Trohs 1940 Gould Trohs comes to visit recently arrested Junky Doolb at police headquarters and while there, he passes an empty gun to Doolb. It's enough to trick the police into shooting Doolb so Trohs can become the new gang leader of a gang of bank robber. When the police go up against them, Tracy ends up with a broken hand and Patton is thrown through a plate glass window by Mamma. Later, Mamma is captured, But Trohs gets away, and Mamma swears revenge for his cowardice. Trohs makes it to a mountain resort which he buys as a hideout. Mamma, meanwhile, fakes illness and goes after Trohs. She arrives at the resort and scalds him badly in a shower. Tracy arrives and is unable to save Trohs, but does arrest Mamma.
Jim Donday 1973 Gould  
Jimmy White 1933 Gould Jimmy was the head of a gang called the 25 Club which consisted of hoodlums who resolved to be rich by the time they were 25. Jimmy had sold some bonds of his father's behind his father's back and when Tracy recovered them, Jimmy was afraid Tracy would find out about his criminal behavior. He decides to get Junior to join and practice robbing stores around town so he could use this against Tracy. Junior turned the tables on Jimmy by telling Tracy and so when Pat Patton joined undercover, Jimmy soon found himself in jail. Later, Jimmy's bail was paid by Jean Penfield who was writing a book on true crime and wanted to interview Jimmy. He instead stole the manuscript and took it to Big Boy who was infuriated that it incriminated him. He ordered for Jean to be killed. Jimmy tried once with a car bomb but failed. He then tried to abduct her by jumping in the car with her. The two struggled for the wheel and crashed into a gasoline tanker. Jean survived but Jimmy didn't
Joe Period 1956 Gould  
John Lavir 1939 Gould After Nuremoh and Lola's deaths, Lola's brother John Lavir shows up and attempts to kill Tess by plowing his car into hers. Tess, rather confused, is enchanted by him and doesn't press charges. Instead, she goes along with him and into his business of stealing dogs and reselling them. She soon begins to feel guilty and starts to return the dogs behind his back. He finds out and tries to get his dog with steel fangs to attack her. It turns on him and rips out his throat. Tess is held briefly on murder charges but is eventually released.
Johnny Nothing 2010 Locher The grandson of the Blank, Johnny Nothing conspired with Anja Nue to set a trap for Dick Tracy. They convinced Tracy to play himself in a dramatic recreation of the Blank's crime spree, during a performance of which Nothing and Nue tried to kill Tracy.
Johnny Ramm 1938 Gould Tracy finds a woman by the name of Noana on Bronzen's boat who was supposed to work for a man named Johnny Ramm. Tracy feels Ramm is the head of the smuggling ring and uses Noana and Patton in disguise to help prove it. They soon learn that Mayor Chiang is an imposter and Ramm's boss when Ramm send Noana to him to be killed. Chiang is arrested and killed by an angry mob that storms the prison, while Noana is abducted form the hospital by Ramm's men. Ramm uses Noana in his protection racket and Tracy pretends to snap and run off so he can pose as Pete Reppoc and infiltrate the Ramm gang. As Reppoc, Tracy leaves notes behind for Patton to follow until the timing is right and the Ramm gang arrested.
Johnny Scorn 1971 Gould A smuggler with a penchant for popcorn, Johnny Scorn recuited Molene and Pouch into his organization. He also supplied weapons for the revolutionary El Tigress. Pouch, angry at being paid in counterfeit money, installs a bomb in Scorn's popcorn machine. Scorn is killed in the subsequent penthouse explosion.
Jojo Nidle 1938 Gould An aspiring child detective named Brighton Spotts arrives at headquarters with a severed finger. It belongs to Jojo Nidle, whom Brighton insists that Tracy investigate. Jojo robs freight from trains by switching car numbers and cleaning them out later, or by riding along and unloading the train while it's in motion. Tracy ambushes one of their robberies and all of Jojo's men are killed. Jojo flees for some time, escaping Tracy, but not Junior or Spotts. They catch up to Jojo on one of his later heists, but they're captured and locked into a tanker of molasses. The authorities catch up and capture the remnants of his gang, but Jojo himself hijacks a train engine. Tracy gets on another engine on a parallel track, catches up to Jojo, and then shoots him down.
J R Slick 2003 Kilian Lawyer, who helps his lover and client, heiress Bundles Fillagree, murder her husband. They spiked his root beer with a horse tranquilizer, causing him to drown. Pays a police lab tech to destroy evidence in the case. when captured by Tracy he refuses to cooperate until he realizes that Fillagree has abandoned him.
Junky Doolb 1940 Gould When industrialist Fred Mason confesses to the murder of his partner Freez, he ends up shot. It's meant to look like Tracy's good friend Rudy Seton is the killer, but Tracy doesn't believe it and catches the real killer, Junky Doolb. Doolb had killed Mason because he had refused to manufacture his gambling equipment. Jerome Trohs comes to visit Doolb at headquarters and while there, he passes an empty gun to Doolb. It's enough to trick the police into shooting Doolb so Trohs can become the new gang leader.


Karpse 1938 Gould Dick Tracy inadvertently came across the chemical weapons manufacturing operation of Karpse. Karpse was producing poison gas for a foreign power, and went into hiding when he was discovered. Karpse eventually took a job working Mrs. Trueheart, which led to his eventual discovery by Tracy.
Kenneth Grebb 1932 Gould Tracy was invited to Devil's Island with Tess for a vacation. On the train ride over, Broadway Bates tries to kill Tracy unsuccessfully. Upon Tracy's arrival at Mr. Dale's cabin, his daughter Marge Dale (and Tess' friend) is almost killed three times and Tracy begins to suspect that her supposed lover is trying to kill her. Tracy talks to Mr. Dale only to learn that Kenneth Grebb is a dope smuggler, and for years Mr. Dale had unwittingly been involved, giving Grebb money, and getting back 50% return on profits. When he found out, he was blackmailed until he was broke. After Mr. Dale ran out of money, Grebb began trying to kill Marge to get his hands on her $50,000 life insurance policy. So Tracy confronts Grebb, who in turn escapes to the mountains, taking Marge with him. Tracy follows, battling both Grebb then a bear, only to save Marge. Grebb is killed in an avalanche
King, The 1951 Gould  
Kitten Sisters, The 1956 Gould  
Krome 1940 Gould The leader of Crime Inc, the dapper Krome originally used childrens' toys to set deadly traps for his victims. Later betrayed by his subordinates, Krome led Dick Tracy on a chase through a deadly snowstorm.


Ladykiller Lines 1997 Locher  
Laffy Smith 1943 Gould  
Larceny Lu 1932 Gould Operator of a stolen auto parts ring who aided the fugitive Steve the Tramp.
Larry Jones 1952 Gould  
Lips Manlis 1936 Gould  
Lispy 1975 Gould  
Little Boy 1990 Collins Young criminal who claimed to be the grandson of Big Boy. He united the city's street gangs before his downfall.
Little Byte 1995 Locher  
Little Face Finny 1941 Gould Little Face ran a stolen gem gang. When he sets one of his men on fire for slipping up on a job, it only alerts the authorities to him. Little Face escapes, killing a couple of folks along the way before hiding out in a meat freezer. He's badly frostbitten and is both saved and blackmailed by a man named Charlie Yenom. Little Face calls his boys to pick him up and they try to sneak him out of Charlie' s apartment in a rolled rug. Tracy foresees this, and opens up a box of bees into the rug, exposing Little Face and making him easy to arrest. He later reformed.
Lofty 1983 Collins  Tall, pretentious head of a city-wide car theft ring.