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Fence Beardsly was a trafficker in stolen goods who specialized in jewels. He had light-colored hair on the top of his head, and a short beard of dark hair.


When the criminal Shoulders needed to fence a fortune in jewels, he contacted Beardsly for help. Shoulders had been wounded attempting to escape from the police, and Beardsly decided to take advantage of the situation.

Beardsly pretended to drive the wounded Shoulders to the hospital, but took an unnecessarily long route, hoping that Shoulders would pass out from his injury. This would allow Beardsly to abandon Shoulders, take the jewels, and escape.

Shoulders did eventually lose consciousness, dropping his gun when he did so. The gun discharged, killing Beardsly. Shoulders continued as a fugitive for some time.


  • Beardsly's first name of "Fence" was provided by a later Rogues' Gallery feature. It was not established if this was his real name or an alias.