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The unnamed Fence was an associate of the Kitten Sisters. He was a heavyset man with light-colored hair. He had a sedate, nonchalant demeanor.

The Fence arrived at the secluded home of the Kitten Sisters to purchase some stolen jewels from them. They found his offer unacceptably low, and began to toss him around the room using their acrobatic skills. The Fence refused to raise his offer.

When the Kitten Sisters showed the Fence the 2-Way Wrist Radio that they had taken from Dick Tracy (whom they believed they had killed), the Fence panicked and tried to leave. The sisters tossed the Fence around some more, this time shaking money out his pockets.

The Fence finally left, claiming that his association with the Kitten Sisters was over.


  • In one strip, the Fence's speech was depicted with an accent. It was not made clear if he was from a country outside the United States.
  • The Fence was transported to and from the Kitten Sisters' home by an unnamed driver.
  • The Fence bore a slight resemblance to 2-Finger.