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Feets Diamond was a criminal operating in Dick Tracy's city. He was obsessed with jewelry and precious stones, often going barefoot so as to display his elaborate toe rings. He had an affectionate girlfriend called Rocksie, upon whom he lavished gifts of valuable jewelry.

The Mumbles Case[]

When Feets learned that the criminal Mumbles had returned to the city, he became convinced that Mumbles was going to reveal the location of The Star of Ranjipooie. The Star was a valuable diamond that had been stolen years earlier, and Mumbles had been suspected in the theft. Feets discovered that Mumbles was seeking out his long-lost relatives, which prompted Feets to take action.

Feets abducted three of Mumbles’ nephews: Whispers, Rambles, and Mangles. Each one had a unique verbal habit that made them difficult to understand. Feets became frustrated with each man when it became clear that they knew nothing about the Star of Ranjipooie, and he discarded them (battered, but alive) where they would be found by police.

Feets eventually abducted Mumbles illegitimate son, the radio DJ called Wildbreath. As with Mumbles’ other relatives, Wildbreath knew nothing about the stolen jewel, but he did reveal that Mumbles had another illegitimate child, Kisme Quick.

Cemetery Showdown[]

Feets and his gang followed Kisme as she went seeking the Star of Ranjipooie at Marbleyard Cemetery, in the company of her new friend Bonnie Tracy. Feets and his henchman confronted the two young women, but were surprised by the arrival of Mumbles. This momentary distraction allowed Bonnie and Kisme to assault Feets and his gang, knocking them unconscious until the police arrived.

Feets was arrested, facing charges of kidnapping and assault. Rocksie was later seen in the company of other criminals. 


  • The storyline involving Feets Diamond is extremely difficult to reconcile with established continuity and has been disregarded by the subsequent creative team.
  • Feets' name may have been inspired by the well-known criminal Jack "Legs" Diamond.
  • There is no apparent connection between Feets Diamond and the criminals Cutie Diamond and Diamonds.