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"Fatty" McDonald was an extremely slender young woman who lived on a farm. She had blonde hair, light eyes, and was uncommonly flexible.

Aspiring Model[]

Fatty had aspirations to become a model. In pursuit of this goal, she read books on the subject and took courses in exercise, posture, and dance through the mail.

Fatty, her father, and her younger brother lived on their farm together. After Fatty's mother had died, she became a mother figure to her younger brother.

Fatty was the only person to have seen Rhodent. This placed her in danger and she was replaced by Lizz at her father's farm. When Halffa Millyon was killed by Lizz, Tracy believed Fatty was no longer in danger and Fatty returned to living on the farm. Rhodent kidnapped her and killed her father before suffering a fatal car wreck which Fatty survived.

Upon being found, Fatty was befriended by Smally Hoag (the owner of a nearby pig farm) and his mother.