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Eric Von Rhino was a spy for a hostile foreign power. At the time of his encounter with Dick Tracy, Von Rhino was impersonating Dr. Ludwick Frost, as he had done on several occasions. To that end, he wore eyeglasses and had a bushy white beard.

By 1937, Von Rhino and members of his spy ring had been deported from the United States several times. Von Rhino and his accomplices targeted the aviator Lita Flite, who was bringing information about enemy activity to the United States. Von Rhino's associate Trinka shot down Flite's airplane and prepared to take Flite's place. Trinka's plane crashed in Alaska before she could complete her plan, and her body went undiscovered for some time.

In 1964, a body was discovered frozen in a chunk of ice in Alaska. It was initially assumed to be that of Lita Flite. Von Rhino once again impersonated Dr. Frost and inserted himself into the investigation of the body, which was taking place in Dick Tracy's city.

Von Rhino was able to convince the police that he might be able to revive the woman in the ice, and was therefore able to delay the efforts to thaw her. One night, he and two associate smuggled the ice out of cold storage and replaced it with an empty chunk of ice. Von Rhino then attempted to escape with the frozen woman, but he lost control of the car he was driving and crashed as great speed. He was killed upon impact and the frozen body was thrown clear of the car where it went undetected for several days.


Von Rhino's accomplices later found the body and engaged in a shootout with Dick Tracy, who had discovered them. One was killed and the other was taken into custody. The real Dr. Frost later presented himself, and was relieved to find that the villain who had been impersonating him was deceased.


  • The "Foreign Power" that the Van Rhino Spy ring worked for was never identified. Since they were apparently based in the Pacific where Lita Flite was intercepted and killed, the foreign Power was presumably Japan.
  • Although the nationality of the two known members of the spy ring to which Von Rhino and Trinka belonged was not given, the recovered log from Trinka's wrecked plane identifies it as a "Tagebuch". This is German for "diary", which indicates that the spies had a Germanic origin. It is not known if they were Nazis.