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Enna Opper was the writer of a popular newspaper gossip column. She was an older woman with light eyes and a lined face.

Enna Opper made a visit to Dick Tracy's city, where she was given a tour by the Mayor. They visited the city zoo, where the Mayor was accosted by the talking raven called "Stoolie" (though the voice was actually that of Dick Tracy, transmitted by a hidden 2-Way Wrist Radio). The Mayor was initially offended, but Opper convinced him to take the comments with good -humor, as it would provide good publicity for him.

Opper visited the city again around the time of the birth of Honeymoon Tracy. She was annoyed that Diet Smith had not informed her of the first television broadcast from the Moon, and she claimed to have heard the announcement of the anticipated birth date of Honeymoon (though the message was static-y and ended prematurely).


  • Enna Opper's name and appearance were based on the real-life gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, whose column had run in newspapers from 1937 until her death in 1966.
  • When she appeared in 1965, Opper's first name was written as "Edda".

Hedda Hopper in 1930