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Mrs. Ella Mintworth was the mother of Johnny Mintworth. She was older woman with light hair.

When Mrs. Mintworth learned of her son's irresponsible ways, she attempted to hire Dick Tracy to act as Johnny's mentor. Tracy initially agreed, but changed his mind when Johnny was caught up in a serious crime and became a fugitive.

Mrs. Mintworth attempted to extract her son from the dangerous group he had become associated with, and the criminal Danny Supeena arranged for her to be poisoned.

Appearances in Other Media[]


1990 Movie Continuity[]

Mrs. Mintworth was not a character in the 1990 feature film Dick Tracy. She was a character in issue #1 of the prequel comic book tie-in written by John Moore with art by Kyle Baker.

Mrs. Mintworth (whose first name was given as Eudora) was aware of some of her son's minor legal infractions and used her money and influence with local government (the Mayor and the District Attorney) to get Dick Tracy temporarily reassigned to desk duty.

Johnny became involved in more serious crimes and was killed by a mobster. Before he was killed, he had confessed all of his wrongdoings to his mother, who then came to look upon Dick Tracy more fondly.