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A former professional baseball player, Edward Nuremoh ("Homerun" spelt backwards) was a tall handsome man with a light moustache. Nuremoh came from a wealthy family that became embroiled in intrigue over the family fortune.

Edward became romantically involved with Tess Trueheart at a time when Tess was annoyed that Dick Tracy continually delayed their marriage. Despite his age, Nuremoh dazzled Junior with his ability to hit a small target with a thrown baseball from a significant distance.

Tess and Nuremoh were married after a speedy courtship. Tess soon found out that Nuremoh had married her only to secure an inheritance from his aunt Margot. She later learned that Edward killed Margot before Margot was able to change her will and remove him.

Nuremoh chased Tess onto the cliffs outside the family estate. He was intercepted by Lola (his real girlfriend) who had come to counsel him. When Nuremoh accidentally killed Lola during an attempt to murder Tess, he took up Lola's body and jumped off a cliff to his death (despite Tess' attempts to prevent him for doing so).

Years later, it was stated that Nuremoh's sports memorabilia had become very rare and valuable.


The death of Edward Nuremoh and Lola Lavir