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Edison Lighthouse was an associate of the criminals Mr. Roboto and Shaky II. She was a slender woman with dark hair. She typically wore eyeglasses.

Edison aided Shaky II in his effort to extort money from Tess Tracy. When their scheme unraveled, Edison and Shaky fled to the home of Shaky's cousin Quiver.

Edison and Shaky then aided Quiver in her charity scam. They were discovered, but Edison was able to escape while Shaky and Quiver were arrested.

Shaky's release from jail was arranged by the actress Fortuna Dyer. Shaky reunited with Edison, who was pleased to see him. Shaky soon began spending more time with Dyer and ignoring Edison.


  • Prior to the Shaky II storyline, Edison was mentioned as the girlfriend of Mr. Roboto. She was not shown interacting with him at any time during that storyline.