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Ed D. Edd was a hired killer who worked with Flattop. He was a bald man who wore round eyeglasses.

Working with Flattop[]

After Flattop had successfully abducted Dick Tracy, Edd became annoyed with Flattop's attempts to date a young WAC (Women Army Corps) signal person who lived in the apartment downstairs from where the men were holding Tracy captive. Edd believed that the woman was an unnecessary distraction, and that Flattop was drawing too much attention to their activities. 

When Flattop was about to shoot Tracy, Tracy grabbed his gun. The gun went off and the bullet nicked Tracy and killed Edd. Tracy grabbed Edd's machine gun and killed another member of Flattop's gang while Flattop escaped.

The Xylon Plot[]

In 1986, Wendy Wichel revealed to Dick Tracy the release of the information behind the Xylon case (which had been kept secret). Tracy revealed to her Flattop Jones' and Ed D. Edd's role in the affair. Edd had showed misgivings about the plan, knowing the consequences of killing a federal agent. Flattop kidnapped both Professor Roloc Bard (creator of the Xylon Explosive formula) and FBI agent Jim Trailer under the orders of his employer, the mysterious Boche (later revealed to be Nazi agent Pruneface).

Edd and Flattop prepared to kill their captives, but Edd convinced Flattop that Bard must be a valuable asset. This prompted Flattop to betray Boche and start a bidding war between Boche and the United States government. Flattop finally agreed to Boche's offer of $50,000 for Bard, and he and Edd were about to kill Trailer when Pat Patton and Tracy found them. The police officers saved Trailer, but Bard was killed. Flattop and Edd escaped, and would employ many of the same tactics later when they were hired to kidnap and kill Dick Tracy.


  • In a flashback storyline from 2023, Flattop was shown to be working with a man who wore round eyeglasses similar to the style that Edd had worn. This character was not specifically identified as being Ed D. Edd, but some readers have assumed that it was meant to be. This unnamed accomplice of Flattop's did not share Edd's other distinctive features, such as his bald head, sunken cheeks, or jowls.