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Ed Coli was a member of Sal Monella's gang that used threats of violence to intimidate restaurants into buying tainted food from them. Coli was a heavyset man who typically wore a cap.

Coli worked closely with Ham Hands to threaten local restaurant owners and airlines. When Monella's scheme was being unraveled by Dick Tracy, the FBI, and a rival gang, Coli and Hands accompanied Monella to a local dump to retrieve a cache of money they had hidden there.

When law enforcement arrived, Coli and the others hid inside a trash compactor. The compactor was accidentally activated by Vitamin Flintheart, and Monella and his men were crushed into cubes of garbage. 

It was later revealed that Monella survived the experience. It is reasonable to assume that Coli and Hands survived as well.


  • The name "Ed Coli" was apparently derived from the term escherichia coli (often shortened to e. coli), which is a type of bacteria. Exposure to certain types of e. coli (usually through tainted food) can have harmful effects on human beings.