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Ed (last name unrevealed) worked in the identification department of police headquarters in Dick Tracy's city. He had light wavy hair and dark eyes.

Ed was surprised when the child known as "Peanutbutter" began cleaning up in his department. Peanutbutter had been given a part-time job in the police station and had been moved to several different areas. Ed was not convinced that having a child working in his department was a good idea, and he was somewhat antagonistic to Peanutbutter.

When the criminal known as "Button" was brought into Ed's department for new mug shots, Button escaped using Peanutbutter as a hostage. Ed was unable to stop him.


  • Several characters named Ed have appeared in Dick Tracy throughout the strip's history. It is possible that Ed is the same character as Ed, but this cannot be confirmed. While they had similarly light hair and both worked in identification, the earlier Ed wore eyeglasses.
  • It is not clear if Ed was a police officer or a civilian employee of the department. He appeared in a uniform, but he did not seem to have a badge or gun.