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E. Kent Hardly was the brother of Charley Hardly. He had light hair and a thick moustache. He was generally optimistic and friendly. He was usually referred to by his middle name.

While his brother Charley became a major criminal figure, Kent was content to run a small town general store with his wife.

The Inheritance[]

Charley Hardley and his sons were killed and their criminal enterprise was dismantled. It was discovered that Charley had willed Kent his entire fortune despite their years of estrangement. The estate consisted of several million dollars worth of untraceable coins.

Kent did not trust banks and insisted on keeping the money in the basement of the abandoned restaurant that his brother had used as living quarters. He flooded the basement and added an electric eel to discourage thieves. The water proved useful when the building burned down due to Kent's carelessness with matches.

The Money Vanishes[]

Kent's wife threatened to leave him unless he put the money in a bank. Kent agreed, but discovered that the money had been stolen by Rhodent and his gang. During a thunderstorm, the dump truck that Rhodent used to transport the stolen coins was struck by lightning. The electricity fused the coins into one giant hunk of metal with their collective monetary value lost.

Kent expressed relief that his inheritance was no longer in the form of currency. The metal was purchased by the state's Governor, who displayed it at the state Capital as a symbol of his long-time anti-gambling crusade.