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Dye Cixot was the wife of Oxen Cixot. The couple operated a business that engaged in the illegal transport, storage, and dumping of toxic waste.

Dye seemed to be the smarter of the pair. She had narrow eyes and often smoked cigarettes. She had the habit of dyeing her hair into drastically different colors from day-to-day.

The Land O' Plenty[]

Dye and Oxen's criminal associate Goodin Plenty learned that his brother B.O. had recently won a lottery. B.O. planned to build a theme park, and Goodin convinced B.O. to buy a piece of land from the Cixots. Unbeknownst to B.O., the property had been used as a toxic waste dump, which resulted in a catastrophe on the park's opening night.

B.O. sought out the Cixots, planning to make them give themselves up (by threatening them with his shotgun). The Cixots tried to escape in a truck loaded with barrels of toxic waste. B.O. shot at the truck, hitting one of the barrels, which caused it to explode. The truck crashed, but the Cixots were able to escape (with only minor injuries) before the truck exploded, setting off a chain reaction that engulfed their entire headquarters.

The Cixots were then taken into custody by Dick Tracy and the police.


  • Dye02051984
    The physical appearance of Dye and Oxen Cixot was inspired by Great Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Diana Spencer (commonly known as "Charles & Di"), who had recently been married in a widely publicized ceremony.