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Duzzin Matta was a professional killer in the employ of the criminal organization known as The Apparatus.

After an unsuccessful attempt to steal valuable material from the manufacturing plant at Diet Smith Industries, Matta was sent to retrieve the body of the thief (who had been killed while trying to escape) from the city morgue. Matta knocked the coroner unconscious and switched the thief's body with that of an unidentified hit-and-run victim.

Later, when Dick Tracy was investigating the theft at the morgue, Matta returned. he had forgotten to collect the toe tag of the body he had switched for the thief's. Matta shot at Dick Tracy, who returned fire and killed him. Matta was identified later.


  • In all of his appearance, Matta's head was covered by a ski mask. His appearance is unknown.
  • The name "Duzzin Matta" is apparently a play on the phrase "doesn't matter", indicating that he was relatively inconsequential in his criminal organization.