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Duke Malloy (also known as "Joe") was a member of Lips Manlis' gang before Lips reformed. Duke had short hair, a thin face, and a pointed nose. He typically wore a boater-style hat.

Lips Reforms[]

Duke observed Lips Manlis (in Manlis' new identity as "Bob Honor") going to his job as the day watchman at a warehouse. Duke reported back to the other members of Lips' gang, including Lips' girlfriend Mimi. They refused to believe that Lips had gone straight, and concluded that Lips must be planning some crime.

Duke approached Lips, who rebuked him. Angered by Lips' abandonment, Duke and the rest of the gang planned to sabotage Lips' reformation by burning down the warehouse where Lips worked. They believed that this would cost Lips his job, and that Lips might be blamed.

The fire was discovered before it could cause significant damage, and Lips discovered other evidence that helped the police investigation. Duke and the gang now planned to abduct Lips and force him to help them in their robbery of the warehouse. Lips gained the upper hand and trapped Duke and some other members of the gang in a large truck.

A Fiery Capture[]

Lips planned to drive the truck to the police station and turn Duke and the other gang members over to Dick Tracy. As he was driving, Mimi (in another car) swerved in front of the truck, causing it to crash and catch fire. Lips rescued Duke, Mimi, and the other gang members. Mimi escaped in the confusion, but Duke and the gang were arrested.


  • It was not explicitly stated if Duke had had any interaction with some of Lips Manlis' other known associates, such as Nig Mahoe, Memphis Smith, or Jocko.
  • When Duke confronted Lips at his warehouse job, Duke identified himself by name as "Duke Malloy". Later in the storyline, Lips repeatedly addressed him as "Joe", indicating that "Duke" may be a nickname or alias.
  • One of Duke's associates was apparently addressed by multiple names throughout the storyline. He was first called "Red", but a similar-looking character was later called "Tim".
  • There is no apparent connection between Duke Malloy and Duke or Duke.