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Dudley Doorne, the man known as Dude, was the manager for the singer called Tonsils. He had dark hair and wore round eyeglasses. Dude typically wore a hat and smoked cigars.

Leaving the Rackets[]

Dude had had some success as a criminal. He was a racketeer who had made career packing and selling horse meat.

At some point, Dude decided that he wanted to give up his criminal lifestyle. He discovered a young man parking cars and became convinced that this man could be a successful singer. Dude called the singer "Tonsils" and declared himself Tonsils' manager. He forced Tonsils to rehearse relentlessly, holding him at gunpoint.

Dude recruited two of his criminal associates into his new enterprise. He had Irwin write a song for Tonsils to sing and assigned Ed Moppet to scout potential venues and talent bookers. Dude employed strong-arm tactics similar to what he had used as a criminal to get Tonsils an audition and radio airtime.

One of Dude's victims was the nightclub owner Dawson. Dude shot Dawson after Dawson refused to hire Tonsils. Dawson survived and was able to describe Dude to Dick Tracy and the police. By this time, Tonsils had gained some notoriety as a novelty act and was preparing to appear on the Dot View television program.

Nobody Leaves the Rackets[]

Despite Tonsils' burgeoning success, Ed and Irwin were dissatisfied. They told Dude that they were returning to the rackets, and went back to work in a meat packing facility. Ed and Irwin realized that if Dude became successful, he might try to blame them for his previous crimes. While Tonsils was away meeting with Dot View, Ed sneaked into Dude's apartment and stabbed him to death while he slept.

Dude's body was discovered, and Tonsils became Ed and Irwin's next target.


  • It was established that Dude was responsible for three murders during his criminal career. These murders (and Dude's culpability) were known to the police. It is not clear what the circumstances of these murders were, or if Dude had already been convicted and served time for any of them. It was stated that he was a wanted man.