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Dr. Ames T. Seetal was a doctor who specialized in X-ray technology. He had dark hair and light eyes.

Dr. Seetal worked in the hospital where the criminal known as "Button" was being treated. Button's accomplices arrived to help him escape from the police who were monitoring him at the hospital. Button had been handcuffed to a wheelchair and his female accomplice (disguised as a nurse) was able to sneak him into the X-ray room while Button's other accomplice created a distraction.

Button's accomplice held Seetal at gunpoint while Button sawed through the metal tube in the wheelchair's armrest to which he was handcuffed. They then took Seetal's clothes to help Button look less conspicuous.

Dr. Seetal was unharmed, and he was later interviewed by police about the incident.


  • The name "Ames T. Seetal" would seem to be a play on the phrase "aims to see it all", presumably inspired by Seetal's expertise with X-rays.