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Dr. Keenan Plain was a surgeon who lost his left arm shortly after finishing medical school. Despite the handicap, he trained himself to become a skilled surgeon. He was bald and had a moustache.

Plain claimed that he had studied to be a doctor at the Royal College of Medicine in Chile. While in South America, he befriended the nitrate magnate Mr. Forchune. Forchune was killed by natives, and Plain lost his arm saving Forchune's wife from a similar attack.

Dr. Plain and his wife Mona developed a scheme to inherit the fortune of the widow Mrs. Forchune. His scheme involved using a flamethrower that attached to the prosthesis on his left arm.

Dr. Plain began his campaign by using his prosthesis to trick a couple into thinking he was on fire so he could steal their Christmas money. This incident became the first time that Dick Tracy heard of Plain's moderus operanti.

Dr Plain changed his prosthesis into a more lethal weapon and murdered Mrs. Forchune's son and daughter-in-law. He pretended to be a motorist in distress and when the couple approached to help him, he burned the man to death and shot the woman. At the hospital, Plain operated on the woman he had shot, faking genuine concern.

Not wishing to repeat his method of operation, Dr. Plain decided on a unique tactic to kill Mrs. Forchune. He mixed a virulent poison with her beauty cream and waited for her beautician Opal to give her a facial treatment.

The poison induced a fatal heart attack in Mrs. Forchune. Once she was incapacitated, Dr. Plain re-entered her house, turned on the gas stove, and arranged the situation so that Mrs. Forchune's death would appear to be suicide. He then took the incriminating jar of beauty cream with him.

An unexpected problem emerged when Opal fell into a coma caused by getting the poisoned cream on her hands. Worried that Opal might recover and reveal his scheme, Mona (a registered nurse) slipped into her hospital room and killed her by sabotaging her oxygen tent.

Dick Tracy encountered Dr. Plain and began to suspect him. Tracy eventually had Plain placed under 24-hour surveillance. When Plain tried to dispose of the incriminating poison jar by throwing it over a bridge, he was observed by Sam Catchem. Sam recovered the evidence. Around that time, Tracy discovered that Plain's medical license was a fake by exposing it to an ultraviolet light.

Tracy led a police raid against Plain and his wife before the couple could escape to Chile. While fleeing police, Plain was doused with fuel from a wrecked gasoline truck and inadvertently set himself on fire. He died in the blaze.

Mona was captured alive, and she eventually made a full confession.