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Dr. Kryos Freezdrei was a German scientist who specialized in the study of cryogenics. He was also a Nazi agent.

At the time of his encounters with Dick Tracy, Freezdrei was a thin, elderly man who wore eyeglasses. He was bald, with white hair on the sides of his head.

Reviving Pruneface[]

Upon the "death" of the notorious spy and poison gas dealer Pruneface, Freezdrei had the body taken to his own private laboratory. There, Pruneface became the subject of one of Freezdrei's earliest experiments in cryogenics. The experiment was a success, and Pruneface was held in suspended animation for several decades.

In 1983, Freezdrei caught the attention of the aging actor Vitamin Flintheart, who was beginning to have concerns about his mortality. Freezdrei assured Flintheart that cryogenics was viable, and offered to prove it by reviving one of his patients on television. The patient was Pruneface, who was successfully resuscitated.

Freezdrei gained acclaim for this achievement and was contacted by many wealthy and influential people who sought his services. Freezdrei soon collected 10 million dollars from his new customers. Freezdrei and Pruneface intended to betray these clients, however, and flee to South America with their money and several other revived Nazi "sleeper" agents.

Attempted Escape[]

Before they left, Pruneface wanted to get revenge on Dick Tracy. He and Freezdrei ambushed Tracy and sealed him in a cryogenic tube. Pruneface then left Freezdrei to complete the process while Pruneface prepared their escape. Freezdrei was confronted by Sam Catchem, who had tracked Tracy to Freezdrei's facility. Catchem forced Freezdrei to release Tracy, and Sam took his partner to a hospital for medical attention.

After releasing Tracy, Freezdrei hid among his equipment while Catchem and Tracy left. Freezdrei intended to continue thawing his allies, but his lab was blown up in an explosion planned by Mossad agents. He was presumed killed in the blast.

Return and Death[]

In 1985, it was revealed that Freezdrei had survived and was again working with Pruneface. Freezdrei had developed a virus that caused blindness and released it on the suburb of Hometon. One of the victims wasTess Tracy. Freezdrei was confronted by Tracy and Sam Catchem, but was crushed to death by satellite dish that he had attempted to drop on the officers.



Freezedrei's Rogues' Gallery feature, later retconned

  • Among Freezedrei's "sleepers" was man whose face resembled Adolf Hitler. Whether this was the actual Hitler, a lookalike, or possibly a clone is unclear. This man was apparently killed in the explosion at Freezedrei's lab.