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Dr. Einstein was an underworld doctor who operated in Dick Tracy's city. He was a short man with thin dark hair and prominent eyes.

When the criminal Gruesome escaped from prison, he sought out Dr. Einstein to give him an operation to change his appearance. Einstein inadvertently altered Gruesome's features in a way that made him resemble the actor Boris Karloff.

Aiding Gruesome[]

Dr. Einstein remained in Gruesome's company, and they went into hiding. Gruesome planned to obtain some money that was owed to him by his former associate Mel O. Dee. Gruesome inadvertently found himself cast in a local production of the play Arsenic and Old Lace, where his resemblance to Boris Karloff was an asset.

On the play's opening night, Gruesome set off an explosive in the theater. Einstein was waiting with a getaway car outside the theater, and the two men fled. They nearly ran down police officer Lizz, and damaged their car in the process.

Hiding Out[]

With their vehicle non-functional, Einstein and Gruesome managed to gain entrance to a monster movie convention that was being held at the nearby Locher Auditorium. From there, they were transported by fellow criminals Abner Kadaver and Rikki Mortis to an abandoned miniature golf course.

Einstein and Gruesome sought shelter from the cold night inside the golf course's windmill. They lit a fire, which quickly burned out of control. Einstein fled, and was captured by Sam Catchem, who had been driving past the golf course with Dick Tracy. Gruesome was also captured and the two men were taken into custody.


  • Dr. Einstein's appearance was inspired by actor Peter Lorre, in one of several references to the play (and subsequent film) Arsenic and Old Lace.
  • Dr. Einstein had apparently been a legitimate medical doctor at some time in the past, though his skill had since been dulled by alcohol and his tendency to become easily distracted.