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The unnamed criminals referred to as The Dope Fiends were a male-female duo of drug smugglers. The woman had dark hair and typically wore sunglasses, and the man had light hair and small eyes. They were part of a larger drug smuggling operation that was overseen by Retsen Nester.

The dope fiends used a luggage store as a front for their illegal operations. Following the murder of the undercover narcotics agent Tufor Dee and the discovery that drug smugglers had been using his private airfield as a transportation hub, the policewoman Lizz went undercover to investigate the store. She was discovered and pushed into an empty trunk. The Dope Fiends then placed the trunk in their van and drove it around, hoping that Lizz would become disoriented.

The Dope Fiends realized that Lizz was too dangerous to be left alive, so they decided to drop the trunk in a flooded quarry (which was apparently a well-known place for criminals to dispose of evidence). They dropped the trunk in the quarry, then shot it several times with a rifle to make it sink faster. They then drove away, believing that Lizz had been disposed of.

Unbeknownst to the Dope Fiends, Lizz had quietly escaped from the trunk while they were driving and had hidden under some empty sacks in the van. After the Dope Fiends had disposed of the trunk, Lizz was recovered a spare gun and 2-Way Wrist TV she had hidden in her hat and was able to subdue the criminals.


  • Some other unidentified characters were seen at the airfield and around the luggage store. It is not clear is these were criminal associates of the Dope Fiends, or possibly the Fiends themselves in disguise.