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Dolly Tuzon (maiden name unrevealed) was the second wife of Tulza Tuzon, aka Haf-and-Haf. Dolly was a heavyset woman with light hair. She often smoked cigarettes.

Dolly was an accomplice in Tuzon's theft ring that used trained crows (including Clybourne) to steal purses and other valuable items. Dolly aided in the training of the birds, and also protested the removal of trees in the park that provided shade for the theft ring's illicit activities.

Dolly became angry when Haf-and-Haf renewed his acquaintance with Zelda, his ex-wife. To get back at her husband, Dolly released all of their trained crows. Enraged, Haf-and-Haf shot Dolly dead with a machine gun and dumped her body at Park Point. He then dismantled the gun, deposited the pieces around the city, and fled.

Dolly's associate in the protest group (who was a legitimate activist) later made a report about Dolly's activities to Dick Tracy and the police.