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Doc Nosiop was an associate of the poison gas manufacturer Karpse. Doc was a bald man with a strigy white beard. He wore thick eyeglasses.

Doc treated Karpse's wound after Karpse was shot by Marro. He also oversaw the production of poison gas at Karpse's secret plant.

When the foreign agent Halone arrived to take Karpse into hiding in her country, Doc expected to be paid for his work. Doc was betrayed by Karpse, who sealed him in an airtight room which he then filled with poison gas.

Doc survived and apparently turned State's Evidence. It was later revealed that Karpse had unknowingly locked Doc and his associate in a gas vault that had been shut down for repairs.


  • Doc's area of expertise was not specified, but he did seem to be a medical doctor.
  • A later Rogues' Gallery entry revealed that Doc's last name was "Nosiop" ("Poison" spelt backwards). This entry also revealed that he had served twenty years in prison.