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Doc Codd was a small-town doctor who treated various members of “Crime, Inc.” over the years. He was enlisted by the fugitive criminal Krome to treat his bullet-injured arm.

Old Fashioned Country Doctor[]

Krome had come to Smallville, where Codd resided, and came across Codd's home while fleeing through a blizzard. The criminal had waited too long to get his injury treated and Codd informed him that gangrene had set it. With the simpleton nurse Mina administering anesthetic, Codd amputated Krome's left arm.

Codd proved to have a ruthless streak himself, gleefully telling the unconscious Krome “A two-bit nurse and ten cents worth of ether. Hah! That’s going to cost you just ten grand, my friend!”

Codd then arranged for a passing snowplow driver to transport the recovering Krome to the city. Shortly thereafter, Dick Tracy and Pat Patton arrived at Codd's house with Jim, the frostbitten radio operator that Krome had kidnapped and left in the blizzard. Codd treated Jim while Tracy and Pat looked around Codd's house. Tracy found Krome's watch and arrested Codd on suspicion of aiding a fugitive.

Doc and the Sheriff[]

Unable to transport Codd to the police station, Tracy called the local Sheriff to detain Codd at his home until the blizzard abated. When the Sheriff arrived, he and Codd were cordial, playing checkers to pass the time. Codd then tried to bribe the Sheriff to let him escape before Tracy returned. The Sheriff agreed, and helped Codd replace the tires on his car with ones that were stuffed with cash and treasury bonds.

Before Codd could make his escape, the snowfall stopped and Tracy returned to the doctor's home. He arrested Codd and the Sheriff, telling them that their fates would be left up to the State's Attorney.