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Doctor Zee (aka "Doc") was a confederate of The Brow. He was a heavyset man with dark hair who typically wore round eyeglasses.

Doc was apparently a practicing physician with an office that used as a front for his spying activities. After the Brow broke the Summer Sisters' wrists, Doc bandaged them. He later used the dressing of May Summer's wrist as a means to pass information to the Brow secretly.

After the Brow's organization was disrupted, he fled to Doc's office for help. Doc aided the Brow in killing the Summer Sisters and a taxi cab driver by running their car off the road into a river.

After Brow found Tess Trueheart's gas ration coupons, Doc was instructed to steal her car license plates as well. As he was stealing them, he was caught in the act by Tess, whom he knocked unconscious. Doc switched the license plates but the number was broadcast over the radio and the car was soon spotted by the Highway Patrol. The Brow had Doc drop him off because he thought that if they were picked up, Doc would only be charged with receiving stolen license plates but that he himself would face more serious charges.

Doc attempted outrun the police. The tires on his civilian vehicle were worn out (due to war-time rationing) and couldn't stand the strain of prolonged pursuit at high speed. One of Doc's tires blew out, causing the car to crash into a bridge culvert and he was killed.


  • It is not clear if Doc ever worked with the Brow's field agents (such as Spy 26) directly.
  • There is no apparent connection between Doc and Doc, an associate of Apples.