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Dobby was the horse that pulled the carriage belonging to Nik Kinn.

Kinn found the hat belonging to Posie Ermine lying on the sidewalk placed it on Dobby. Posie was determined to recover his hat, since it had evidence in it that could incriminate him. He attempted to snatch the hat off Dobby as he drove by in a car. This frightened Dobby, who ran wild. Dobby broke free of his harness and Kinn's carriage crashed into a pond in the city park. Kinn was unharmed, but his carriage was destroyed. Dobby was found nearby drinking from a fountain in the park.

Kinn was approached by Mr. Addlay, a representative of his insurance company. Addlay initially claimed that the destroyed carriage and harness could be repaired, but he changed his position after Dobby stomped on his foot and he agreed to provide Kinn with a new carriage and harness.


  • Dobby's name was sometimes spelled "Dobbie".
  • There is no apparent connection between Dobby and the House Elf of the same name from the Harry Potter franchise.