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The man known as "Dippy the Brush" was an art forger. He had light hair that he wore swept up in front.

Dippy was a part of Dab Stract's art theft ring. Dippy was responsible for copying several valuable works of art, under the guise of being a student in Pierre W. Easel's art school. Dippy and his accomplices would then replace the original artworks with his forgeries, then provide to originals to Dab Stract in exchange for a significant payment.

Dick Tracy set a trap for Stract and his accomplices when the thieves stole a valuable statue from the Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C. Dippy was arrested after delivering the statue to Stract's home.


  • In class, Easel addressed Dippy as "Mr. Brush". It is not clear if this was Dippy's actual name.
  • There is no apparent connection between Dippy the Brush and The Brush (another criminal) or Dippy McDoogun (an associate of Steve the Tramp).