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Dick Tracy vs. Cueball was a 1946 feature film released by RKO Pictures. It starred Morgan Conway as the titular detective. It was directed by Gordon M. Douglas and produced by Herman Schlom. It was the second of 4 "Dick Tracy" feature films produced by RKO in the 1940s.

Plot Summary[]

Dick Tracy must solve a series of gruesome murders with the aid of his partner Pat Patton. He discovers that the killer is Cueball.


  • This was the second and final film in which Morgan Conway played Dick Tracy and Anne Jeffreys played Tess Trueheart.
  • This was the first film appearance of Vitamin Flintheart. He was played by Ian Keith, who reprised the role in the subsequent film Dick Tracy's Dilemma.
  • The opening credits feature static images of several prominent characters from the strip's recent history, including Flattop, Shaky, Gravel Gertie, Vitamin Flintheart, Breathless Mahoney, and B.O. Plenty. Of these, Vitamin Flintheart is the only character to appear in the film.
  • The film was released in theaters in late-November/early-December of 1946 (it premiered in New York City, then saw wide release later). At that time in the comic strip, Dick Tracy was experiencing his encounter with Themesong, Christmas Early, and Influence.
  • The film is now in the public domain and can be viewed for free at several venues.