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Dick Tracy Meets the Film Pirates is a promotional comic book published by Shanda Fantasy Arts. It reproduces the comic strips originally published in Dick Tracy from January 6th 2014 to March 19th, 2014. It includes the storyline of Dick Tracy's first encounter with Silver and Sprocket Nitrate.

The comic was available for free at conventions where the creative team made appearances. Fans of the strip could also contact the creators (typically via Facebook) to request a copy, though they would be asked to provide money for postage.

The comic is printed in black and white on newsprint, recreating the appearance of how the strip would be seen in a daily newspaper. The Sunday strips are not colored.

Supplemental Material[]

This comic book contains several pieces of supplemental material.

  • An untitled poem by Mark Withrow, who posts to the Dick Tracy comment board at gocomics.com under the pseudonym Pequod77.
  • Full-page pin-up drawings of Dick Tracy and the supporting cast by Joe Staton, Charles Ettinger, Shawntae L. Howard, and Ed Garcia.
  • A promotional advertisement for the comic book Femme Noir: Cold Dead Fingers by Christopher Mills, Joe Staton, Rick Burchett, and Matt Webb.
  • A full-color comic strip (in the style of a Sunday strip) entitled Dick Tracy Meets Helvis by John Michael McCarthy.