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Dick Tracy Meets The Spirit is a promotional comic book published by Shanda Fantasy Arts. It reproduces the comic strips originally published in Dick Tracy from December 18th 2016 to April 6th, 2017. It includes the storyline of Dick Tracy's team up with the crimefighter known as The Spirit. It also includes the week-long dream sequence in which Dick Tracy found himself paired with Fearless Fosdick.

The comic was available for free at conventions where the creative team made appearances. Fans of the strip could also contact the creators (typically via Facebook) to request a copy, though they would be asked to provide money for postage.

The comic is printed in black and white on newsprint, recreating the appearance of how the strip would be seen in a daily newspaper. The Sunday strips are not colored.

Supplemental Material[]

This comic book contains several pieces of supplemental material.

  • The poems "Spirit" and "Fearless" by Mark Withrow, who posts to the Dick Tracy comment board at gocomics.com under the pseudonym Pequod77.
  • Photos of items from the collection of Dick Tracy fan Bart Bush.
  • The short story "A Chance Visitation" by the strip's technical advisor Walter Reimer.
  • A one-page pin-up of Dick Tracy and the Spirit by Andrew Pepoy.
  • A full-color photo of Joe Staton and Mike Curtis with cosplayer Drew Patrum dressed as Flattop (Staton and Curtis are wearing yellow coats and hats).