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In December of 2017, Archie Comics announced that it would be producing a monthly Dick Tracy comic book. The writing team announced as Alex Segura (Archie Comics co-president) and Michael Moreci. Promotional artwork was released as well. A regular artist for the series was not specified.

According to reports, the book would be set in the post-war era of the 1940s and depict Dick Tracy's early days in the plainclothes division. The aesthetic seemed to be heavily influenced by the 1990 feature film.

One month later, Tribune Content Agency issued a statement saying that due to a licensing conflict, the book would not be produced. Few details were given. Alex Segura expressed his disappointment on Twitter.

Shortly thereafter, IDW began producing Dick Tracy miniseries, beginning with Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive.

In September on 2023, a new Dick Tracy comic book series was announced from Mad Cave Studios, again with Segura and Moreci attached. The first issue was released in April of 2024.